Are Your Webinar Slides Haunting You in Your Sleep? 5 Keys to Higher Conversions

I was just on a coaching call with a client a while back and she was literally cracking me up!

She kept saying, ?You won?t believe this ?. I had a dream last night my webinar slides were CHASING ME!?

She went on to explain her slides had jaws and they were swimming toward her, getting faster & faster & faster as they came toward her.

Then, they started swarming all around her, turning on their sides.

Looking like lots & lots & lots of shark fins closing in on her ?.

And then the words, shapes, & letters of the alphabet — all started to swirl around her making a huge slide-a-scope of colors and engulfing her!

Which turned into a huge funnel in the water as she looped, around & around again in the entanglement of slides, water, letters, and her ideas!!!

She was in the spin cycle of confusion about her webinar.

Main, talk about a nightmare, right?! 😉

Ever feel like that yourself?

Death by powerpoint in your dreams??

No Thank You!

Let me throw you a rope?..

Here?s 5 Key Techniques to Help You Get Out of Webinar-Shark Infested Waters ?.

Point #1: People Don?t Buy The Webinar, They BUY YOU ?.

Here?s how you do it ?. It?s your story that resonates with people and how you connect the dots on yours that it helps them with theirs & builds trust, rapport and CONNECTION.

Your story needs to focus in on the hero?s journey from where you were at, to the obstacles you overcame, to how you shifted into your next level and how you?re going to share that with the person watching the webinar now!

Point #2: It?s Not about the HOW Content – it?s about the WHY Content?

And how you connect with our prospect is based on the WHY not the HOW.

THE WHY Of Your Point ? is more valuable than the HOW.

People pay for the HOW.

The WHY is what they haven?t FIGURED out yet.

Which is what your webinar needs to be able to explain, incredibly well!

Point #3: Frameworks, Analogies, Stories ?. Oh my!

If you?re tried using template or paint-by-number webinar templates, what happens is you get just that ? a cookie cutter version of a webinar.

The key to having you stand out and have your webinar convert and what has worked for all of my clients, is being able to bring your own brilliance, personality and authentic style into your webinar.

Customization and creativity are CRUCIAL in not being just ?another webinar.?

This is what will keep people glued to your webinar and staying to the end.

By teaching through fun analogies, frameworks and stories you invite the listener into the training and co-creating with you as you weave your wisdom and stories through their earbuds.

The better you get at this my friend, the better conversions you?ll have because you?ll have MORE people actually staying till the end of your webinar!!

Point #4: Key Pillars To Do The Heavy Lifting

What do I mean by pillars? I mean the key points that you allow your webinar to stand on it?s own.

And truly DO pretty much most of the hard work for you in the Sales process.

See, what most people do is they have a webinar that is just teaching 5 or 7 things ?. But Not a PROCESS.

A process is what leads your prospect from looking in the direction they?re already thinking they ?should be going??.

To seeing WHY that most likely won?t work or will fail them?.

To seeing how you can connect the dots and how your steps make sense and what they are missing to connect the dots for the results they are craving.

If you?re just throwing a few points out there that don?t go in logical order and SHOW your prospect how to take them to the promised land ? you?re wasting you time, money and energy!

Point #5: Objections & Your Close is The Meat & Potatoes ?..

As I mentioned earlier, every single one of your prospects is coming to your webinar with a game plan already in their mind.

Now, is it the RIGHT game plan or a sure-proof winner, maybe, maybe not.

But they all have one.

So when you?re sharing your stories & frameworks while demonstrating your points, it?s crucial you mitigate the objections that are already running through their heads.

If you DON?T do this you are losing about ? of the audience or more, just by not subduing those negative nancy thoughts in their head.

Which leads me to the close ?. This is where you button it all up in a pretty bow and handle all their objections and invite them to a call to see if you?re a fit to work together.


That was just a rapid fire on how to get your webinar DONE & converting.

Now what I would really like to do, is personally help you with your webinar.

I know you still have questions. I know I once did too.

It wasn?t until I hired someone that sat right beside me and helped me each step of the way, did I finally get a world class converting webinar DONE!!!!

That?s what I?d like to help you with too.

Now, this isn?t a digital program or instructional videos, where you?re left to fend for yourself and decipher everything for yourself and ?hope? it works out.

I want to get in there with you, roll up my sleeves with you and do it together.
So it?s DONE. All of it – start to finish.

Obviously I can?t help everyone though.

I can only help about 30 people a year with this service.

This WOULD be for you if ?.

  • You know you need the customization and personal touch to get your webinar to convert and bring you a landslide of high-quality leads
  • You done doing it alone and buying course after course to still be confused and half-baked with your results
  • You realize that a coach in your corner, working with you on every slide, all the copy and guiding you through a process that has worked for dozen?s and dozen?s of other clients is what you need!

This would NOT be for you if ?.

  • You?re only looking for info and not serious about hiring an expert to help you get this down in a span of a couple days or weeks, and just looking to ?gather? more info
  • You?re Not an action taker
  • You?re coach shopping and not serious about committing right now


If you know you?re ready for your next level of freedom and want to create a webinar that can bring you qualified leads for you every week ??

Where they are almost an 80% yes by the time they get on the phone with you ?. Then let?s go!

Simply fill out this no-obligation form: ?


This will be where you will talk with me or a trained team member, for a private 30-minute consultation to determine if we?re the right for each other.


Till then, may you have a peaceful night?s sleep! 🙂

Love, Impact & Results!


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