“I wanted to hired Kristina because I needed business strategy and I needed some clarity & guidance on where I should take my business ideas. 

I realized the job I was working wasn’t fulfilling and my calling is in a completely different direction. What do I do with that though? 

That is how Kristina is helping me map out - all the stuff in my head. 

My frustrations were I didn’t know how to approach my ideas or where to start and I didn’t know how to lay them out, map them out and how to market it. I needed clarity with the direction I need to take with the business.

If you’re like me, whose in her 40’s, and you want to make a career life change or you just need clarity with the ideas that are stirring in your head, Kristina is the person to help map that out for you! 

She makes it very easy to understand. And makes the process easy to get going quickly. I laid out all my shit and there is no judgement. It’s a safe place to share and where you’ll being heard. She can really direct your passion and where it is you want to go! 

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money or take a lot of time to try all these different things. 

You can do a One-Stop shop - all right here!

This has been amazing for me! My biggest take-a-way is that it’s gonna happen and happen fast!"

Rachelle Ljosdal // CA 

Child + Parent Mindfulness Coach

"I was working a 40 hour a week gig, that was not in alignment, and doing coaching on the side. I wanted to doing this in a more free capacity and having less limitations. 

Before I started working with Kristina, I was making moves in that direction, but was lost on how to frame it out. I didn’t have a clear direction.

I honestly I feel once I had a call with Kristina and started working with her, things became just because very clear for me.

I felt this is the exact type of programming I need to be doing with my clients. This is how I can best serve them. This is how they’ll get the most out of it. This is how I can create balance from a financial standpoint and be able to do the deep work - because I won’t need a massive caseload of clients. 

It just all of a sudden clicked for me & was a no brainer.

This was what I was searching for I just couldn’t identify it. 

Until I started working with Kristina, I didn’t have this vision or had it nicely framed out - it didn’t know, “this is what I should be doing with my clients.

I loved the group calls! And Kristina’s style of coaching - this very deep, vulnerable and real and also no-nonsense style - I appreciate that!

I was nervous about it at first though. I was wondering how is she going to cater this to me and how is this going to be special and the individualized treatment I need. I learned so much from the interactions with everyone else and nice to have that visceral learning experience that you knew you weren’t alone. The groups are really helpful! I like stuff documented and the frameworks - so the modules were super helpful too! 

My results were I signed on my first $3,000 client into my high-value signature program and I have a lot more confidence and I learned how to put myself out there and interact on social media.   

I feel I like I have so much power around when I speak about my business. I don’t have any reservations now on asking for what I’m worth and I know this program is worth it. I’m super proud of what I’ve accomplished and who I get to connect with. 

This was BIG Thing for me - moving from full time consultant in a job to starting this and moving into this business - it was big for me!

I think you just need to take the leap and watch the net appear. There is always going to be something that we’ll be making up for ourselves - a story that is holding us back - in what we can or cannot do. 

I think putting faith in yourself and hearing these testimonials - there is a reason why this works! There’s a reason why Kristina connects with people and why she has so many empowering woman in her programs that come out the other side with amazing stories!

At some point you have to put fear in the back seat. I hear you, I appreciate you that you’re trying to protect me, but you’re not driving this bus, It’s time for me to take the lead!

My advice … take the leap!”

Andrea Harrill // MN 

 Dietitian, Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

“Kristina is not only intuitive, she’s patient! 

She is just so generous!

I was amazed at the amount of REAL information I was given. 

I know Kristina can help you!

The energy you're going to get from her is going to multiple your effectiveness ....

And condense the time that you’re going to need to take your business to the next level!”

Jan L. - The Ego Tamer Coach

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Discover How to Package Your Expertise & Brilliance 

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"I was able to take on a $4,000 customer within a week of getting on board with Kristina.

And now I have everything in place!

I have my signature program in place, I have a much greater following on social media! 

I am able to generate a funnel so that I can have more customers be aware of my program and sign up!"

Sarah S.~ Health & Nutrition Coach

Ready To Be Our Next Success Story?

"Kristina has helped me crystallize my knowledge into an accessible product that can bring me income as well as allowing me to serve more people!

She will also give you a contemporary TWIST to all the

'Old School' Online Marketing Stuff To Ensure You Get

The BEST Possible Return!”

~ Sylvia O. - The Hormone Wispherer

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Discover How to Package Your Expertise & Brilliance

Into A Premium Program That Sells!

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