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“The Sweet Spot” [Part 1 of 3]

Years ago, when I was just learning to play tennis, my coach would always say “Hit it in the sweet spot!”

And every time I did, my racket made this perfect *ping* sound.

It would echo throughout the court and you could just feel the electric hit - pulse through your entire body.

Whether it was a line drive, volley, forehand, backhand, overhead ….. The goal was to always hit the tennis ball in that sweet spot on the racket.


Now, if you’re not a tennis player, the sweet spot is right in the center of the racket.

Where the strings are in perfect tension for a SOLID, effortless hit!

And when you don’t hit the tennis ball in that sweet spot …. you can feel it too.

And it feels like crap. No ping, all pong.

…. If the tennis ball hits the rim, it flies of in some oddball direction.

…. If it hits the top strings, it makes a flat noise and lands flat.

… If it hits on the side of the racket, the tension is too tight and it’s hard to get good top spin.

That’s why the sweet spot makes it SO EASY to hit solid strokes with Very Little Effort.

Tennis isn’t about the force of the swing.

It’s all about the execution of the stroke and hitting (you guessed it) in that Sweet Spot.

*ping* … Ah! :-) 

Well, this concept can be beautifully applied to your business too!

When the SWEET SPOT is correctly HIT in your business...

It can make you WILDLY successful!

All with less effort, more ease, and a whole lot more fun!

Think of it as that place in your business where everything FLOWS.

Where you have a continuous stream of prospects, clients and follow-ups.

Where you have a system in place that works for you, even while you’re sleeping.  

Very much like in tennis: you wind up, you hit the ball, and you follow-through. 

All necessary to achieve the perfect ping and a solid shot!

In biz translation….

The wind up = Your nurture sequence to create new leads or prospects. 

The Racket = The Funnel that MOVES prospects to become leads, clients & potentials. 

The Hit = The Win, The Sale, The Client! 

The Follow-through = Nurture sequence to win over new business in the future. 

When all of these work together → THIS is the Business Sweet Spot!!


(Pic of me during a match in high school, back in the day! ;-)

So, why am I sharing all this tennis stuff with you? 

(EXACTLY How it Feels When You Hit The Sweet Spot in Business (& tennis! ;)  YESSS!!!)

To answer that, we need to take a closer look IN your business. 

The best way to help you do this is by asking you some questions.

This is what I do with every client I work with before we dive in. 

In order for me to really help guide you to your ideal lifestyle and business design, we have to get clear on where you are currently at, what is working and what isn’t, what’s missing, and where you desire be! 

These questions I’m going to ask you, are to help you identify where the pitfalls are in your business.

Once they are identified then we can create strategic ways to fix, improve and maintain success in your business. 

By answering these and getting to the real cause of the problem, only then can you DIAL in your business to create more revenue with less work. 

Let’s take a swing at it, shall we? ;-)

So, how do you create this for YOUR unique business?

  1. What is your specific niche? 
  2. What are the most immediate pain points your ideal clients want solved right now? 
  3. What are top 3 best strengths? 
  4. Are you playing in these strengths or are you playing in your weaknesses? *be honest* 
  5. What do your ideal clients absolutely desire to achieve or want solved? 
  6. How are you uniquely different than your competitors? 
  7. What lead magnet is converting the highest for you to grow your list? 
  8. Do you have an automated webinar converting that is bringing you consistent leads? 
  9. Does your copy turn prospects to clients in less than 48 hours? If not, what is your buy cycle length? What do your prospects need to know about you, your business, your process to shorten this?
  10. What are your traffic strategies? 
  11. What is your conversion numbers for clicks, leads, sales, and follow-ups? 
  12. What is your marketing budget ROI?  
  13. What needs to happen to grow your revenue?
  14. What do you feel is the biggest bottleneck in your business? 
  15. What do you feel isn’t working that needs to be fixed ASAP? Why?

If you have solid answers to everyone of those questions - CONGRATULATIONS!

You just won a point. 

15 / Love. 

Please take a piece of paper out right now and 

spend at least 15 minutes answering these questions: 

But if you didn’t, and you have 3 or more of those questions left blank, undecided or VERY vague - there are definitely areas for improvement for consistency, systems, and growth in your business. 

And I can confidently say that you’re missing the SWEET SPOT!

But the good news is that I find with EVERY SINGLE client, they are usually just a few solid strokes (foundation steps) away from a GOLD MINE!

It also can feel like climbing a MOUNTAIN when trying to figure out how to create consistent clients, automate your business and get your systems in place. 

I get it!

That’s why I’ve created this free course. 

To help you step-by-step on how to create a profitable and fun expert business.

One that will pay you beautifully, make you proud and change lives with your products, programs or services!

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing more on how to build your foundation to becoming a high-paid expert and creating a solid business foundation. 

Until then, let those questions I asked above simmer and percolate.

Plus, I know when I sleep on questions and ask my subconscious to help me find an answer, the morning is always fun to wake up to … because you just might have dreamt up the solution! 

I’ll be sharing more on specific techniques to help you solve these problems in the coming days.

If that interests you, request your invite to receive this FREE eCourse - delivered straight to your inbox! 

In Part 2, I'll be sharing how to position yourself as a high-paid expert and what must be in place to commanding premium pricing and landing amazing clients!! 

This series continues with proven strategies that I've used and taught my clients to land consistent high-paying clients and scale their businesses with ease and a whole lot of fun!

>>>> Click Here to Read PART 2!

Enthusiastically excited to show you how to crush your upper limits!!

xx Kristina

So what exactly IS The SWEET SPOT 

in your business then?

p.s. And if you’re thinking, why the tennis analogy? 

I’ll share more here :) 

Tennis for me was always a game of hard work and massive determination.

I didn’t start playing until the last few weeks of the season my freshman year in highschool. 

There I was with a cheap racket, never took a swing before and just had a dream to be really good.  

Almost everyone on the team had been playing since they were young. And many had already been coaching with pro’s in my small hometown. And we had a record for going to state. 

So I knew if I wanted to get to the top I had to excel at the foundations.

Tennis forced me to be focused on a goal, with a tight time table.

It tested my patience and ability to focus my mind.

It also tested my ability to stay disciplined and practice 3 hours a day.  

It also made me learn how to be good under pressure and while people were watching me during the game.

There was no shortcut to getting to the top.

There were definitely smarter ways to learn the skills though. That’s what my coach was for to show me the correct way to swing, serve and volley from the beginning. 

And that’s what I practiced. Over and Over and Over. 

Line drills, running, and endless nights of hitting countless forehands and backhands filled my spring, summer and fall schedule. 

It all paid off though, because Senior year, I got bumped to the #1 double spot on the team. 

We lost a lot of matches. We won a lot of matches.

But I always learned more about myself, the game and what I needed to learn (or remember) from the times we lost, way more than when we won.

I feel the exact same way about business. 

There is No Overnight success in business.

It’s not easy, but that’s part of the fun I feel in being an entrepreneur and business owner. 

We were born to solve problems and I think we all kinda have a heart for making the world a better place too. :-) 

This is exactly why I’ve created this e-series.

To show you how to hit the SWEET SPOT in your business, just like in the game of tennis, and create a grand slam in your life!

Cheesy as that sounds, I do believe we’re all amazingly gifted in different ways. 

And that we get this one life to really make it count. 

So why not go all out? 

If you’re in too, then stayed tuned for the coming emails where I show you how to become a high-paid expert in your field. 

And make sure to circle back up to the top and pole yourself on the questions I ask in this email. As in the coming emails I’ll be breaking some of them down! 

Talk with you tomorrow!

..... and one more epic gif for your day!  

My goal for you:

How you make your competition feel after this series!

hee hee  ;-)

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