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Hi, I'm Kristina - I'm passionate about helping business owners, start-ups & real estate investors make their visions a reality & THRIVE!

I take pride in helping you create the impact you desire to see in the world.

Over the past 12 years I’ve consulted hundreds of business owners in securing smart capital, build their internal processes, their marketing systems & help shift mindset for achieving their goals & vision.

★ How I Can Help You and Your Company ★

I take a hands on, consultative approach to connect you with the perfect lender for your unique business situation.

I work mostly with private lenders that offer custom, tailor-made capital and financing.

Lenders can also assist with gaps in your team, marketing, sales, systems, negotiation, landing key contracts & licenses or crucial opportunities for your business or start-up. All are vetted, proven & can fund your deal, if you qualify.

Contact me today to discover how I can assist you in growing your business or to secure smart capital.

I truly look forward to speaking with you & seeing how I can assist you & your company with your vision and goals.


Kristina Gilbertson • Private Lenders & Business Consulting • 2023